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Standard a/c mains current in the USA is 110 volts instead of our usual 230 volt a/c system in NZ.

As well as the above, most on board appliances like Air-conditioning, Ice-makers, Fridges, freezers and most Generators etc run on 60 cycles instead of our 50 cycles.

This means that you cannot just plug your USA shore power into a 230 volt system here in NZ, but it is a problem we fix on every boat we import so that not only can you use your New Zealand shore power in your marina, but you can comply with current New Zealand electrical warrant of fitness regulations.

We are used to dealing with this and have a way of fitting some simple inexpensive new equipment to your boat so that it not only complies with regulations, but actually works without damaging any of your on board accessories and appliances.

You cannot just fit a transformer, despite what some importers say, it will not comply with regulations in NZ for warrant of fitness as the110 volt a/c system is not recognized here and long term as the cycles are different it will fry your appliances long term as they will not be operating at the normal cycle requirements, so beware!

Any vessel Marine Imports NZ either supplies or imports can have a NZ compliant 230 volt shore power system with NZ plugs etc. fitted in the USA so when your vessel arrives into NZ, you can plug it in straight away. We are the only importer that offers this service."