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Luhrs 36 Convertible, June 2017

Hi Stuart 

Survey looks about as good as I could have expected. Boat is better than described.

This is my first foray into importing a boat. You and everyone along the way have been fantastic to deal with. I'm confident the rest will fall into place but a few thanks along the way is the least I can do. I can't say I'll do it again but if I do, or if I know anyone else wanting to do it, I'll be coming straight back to you


Keith Macy



Carver 53 Pilothouse,  June 2017


Dear Marine Imports


We would like to express our thanks for the wonderful service that you provided in the purchase and importing of our lovely new 53ft Carver Pilothouse boat ‘Worth the Wait’ (which it certainly was).

Throughout the entire process you had fantastic communication, supplying us with constant information, updates, and great guidance.  The systems you have in place ensure all funds are correctly managed and secure, and from start to finish you kept us well informed with what money transactions would be required at each stage of the process, making it easy to keep track of when and what was to be paid.

This was a stressful time as this is not something we have done before, but thanks to you Stuart, you were very professional and reassuring during every stage of our endeavour to get ourselves an awesome boat that all our family and friends could enjoy.

Thank you once again -  we are very happy with the end result and everything is as you said it would be.   We will definitely be recommending your services to anyone who is considering importing a boat of their own.



Ian Wood



Searay 480 Sedan Bridge, July 2017



Hi, Stuart,

I like to take this opportunity to thank you and Marine Imports for the time and efforts you spent to secure the deal buying my ideal boat from USA.

Before I talked to you, I thought buying a boat from overseas was just like “Mission Impossible”. There are so many details such as negotiation, inspection, title transfer, regulations, shipping, duty, GST, loading, unloading, exporting, importing and so and so if people really want to buy a boat from US to NZ.

“I am in NZ, the boat is in Florida, US? Who will take care of those things for me? I do not need someone who just sells a boat to me. I need someone who can handle the whole thing and deliver the boat to me.” Wow! Stuart, you are so professional and full of experience doing this “Mission Impossible” job. You and your team in US made the whole process go so simply and smoothly. And your timely response also made things so effective and efficient.

I will definitely use your services again, and recommend you highly. It’s nice to build up a long and rewarding relationship with you and your team.

Best regards,




Pacific Seacraft Yacht,  July 2017


To whom it may concern:

Re: Stuart Arnold and his business, Marine Imports Limited


My wife and I recently completed the purchase and importation of a previously owned sailing yacht from Florida,USA, using the services of Marine Imports Limited.  We confidently, and unhesitatingly, recommend Marine Imports New Zealand to anyone looking to import a boat from the USA.

Stuart Arnold accomplished the following on a very tight time frame, based apon our desired criteria ( design, equipment and finances ) for the yacht.

1, The recommendation of several yachts to review.

2. The purchase negotiation with the Florida Sales broker,pre purcxhase survey and sea trial by a licenced surveyor plus Marine Imports delivery skipper.

3. Legal title document transfer.

4. Movement of the Yacht from the purxhase location to the port for shipping.

5.Arrangements for International shipping including cleaning of the boat and preparation for NZ MAf inspection etc.

6. Yacht handling and loading onto the ship.

7. Processing and arranging all of the necessary tax, marine and bio-security documentation from both the USA and New Zealand.

8. Arranging and personally managing the necessary inspections both in the USa and NZ.

9. Securely arranging all of the monetary transactions through a major NZ bank, needed to purxhase a yacht from a foriegn location , tranship and import to New Zealand.

Prior to any monies being exchanged, Mr Arnold professional experience in this line of work allowed him to present a thorough and detailed cost estimate of the complete purchase, thereby eliminating any hidden costs, doubt or risk to us as buyers.

10. Organized water taxi to the ship to enable us to go direct to the ship and be present when our new yacht was lowered into the water in Auckland.

11. Combining our Sailing / Boating experience with Mr Arnolds integrity, expertise and knowledge allowed us to purchase our boat primerily through the internet, without us having to fly out to Florida ourselves, thus saving us a significant amount of money.


From our experience as USA ex Pats, well founded and well equipped yachts are available in Florida at a much reduced cost relative to whats on the market here in NZ & AUS.  Purchasing a yacht through marine Imports Limited and relying totally on Stuart's expertise and experience totally eliminates the guesswork, uncertainty and troubles inherent in this process.  well done Marine Imports.


Best Regards


Douglas & Kathleen Bakke, MD




Ocean Yachts 45 Super Sport.  January 2018


      I would like to express my gratitude to you, Rosie, and Rick for
the professional and straight up way that Marine Imports have
handled ,a lengthy  and in the end very successful search and Purchase of
my Oceans Yachts 45 from Ft Laudadale, Florida.
     Without your sound advice on when to get US Dollars, to Surveys, and
inspections,  Capt Rick in Florida, importing a Boat could easily
have turned into a nightmare, not a dream come true.
     Once again Thanks for all your help and time spent 
 tracking down such an excellent Boat, then being there in Person
to hand over to me from the Ship. An Excellent Service Provided.

     A very satisfied Client,
                             Mike Richmond ,Gisborne,NZ























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