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Shipping your new boat to New Zealand and Australia By our Boat Transporters

As we are shipping large numbers of boats to New Zealand & Australia, we can offer our customers the best shipping rates anywhere.  For Example; Our rates for an average 40ft vessel are up to US$8-10,000 cheaper than other  companies in most instances.

Once you have purchased your new vessel and we have delivered it to the marina at Palm Beach, Florida, we can then prepare the vessel for export to New Zealand.

There are formalities to complete such as de-registering your vessel from the US Coastguard register, then preparing export freight documentation prior to shipping, all handled by our agent in Florida.

Our USCG professional captains oversee delivery to the ships and ensure all strops are correctly positioned in conjunction with our diver underside. We take care of your vessel 100%

Our vessels are loaded by professional loadmasters by crane onto the ship where it will be lowered into a secure cradle, then lashed down at all points to the deck.  It is advisable to have your vessel plastic shrink wrapped for the voyage to ensure it arrives in pristine condition, this can be arranged by us.

( Charges apply) but it is well worth getting done so that your new boat arrives in absolutely first class condition and nice and clean.

Our Shrink Wrapper 'Dan' is the best in the business and uses high quality double strength plastic shrink wrap with taped edges and special zipped panels to enable our Captains to deliver to the port safely.

e.g. Average cost to wrap for say 40ft boat: US$750

The shrink wrapping will ensure that your clears, fittings and extra items such as Tuna/ Marlin Tower, Game Fishing chair

and all soft goods arrive in perfect condition. 


A quotation for shipping your vessel will be given on request. rates are worked out by vessel size;  Length x width x height and normally include full marine cargo insurance of your vessel between palm Beach and Auckland, loading and unloading fees etc.
There are also additional fees to pay in New Zealand.
Import tax 5%, GST 15%, customs clearance charges, MAF inspection and Cleaning prior to unloading in Auckland all payable to our clearing agent prior to unloading.​


The voyage direct to Auckland normally takes approximately 3-4 weeks ex Palm Beach. 

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