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Boat Delivery to Palm Beach

Once you have completed the purchase of your vessel, it will require delivery to palm Beach to await shipping.

Depending on the location of your new vessel, it may require re-fuelling for the journey, this can be arranged by us. Fuel is considerably cheaper at present in the USA, around 50% cheaper than New Zealand.

Your new vessel will need to be insured for a temporary period between closure of purchase and delivery to and during storage at palm beach prior to shipping.

USA insurance companies insist on a certified US Coastguard qualified boat skipper to be in charge of the vessel during delivery and also between Palm Beach marina and the ship.  This ensures safe delivery of your vessel. 

You are welcome to accompany the skipper during delivery where applicable and of course if you are in Florida at the time of delivery. 

Depending on Shipping dates, there are marina berth fees applicable at palm Beach whilst your vessel awaits shipping, these are normally charged at a daily or monthly local rate set by the marina.


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