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Buying a second hand / used vessel out of New Zealand can be made simple, safe and secure with Marine Imports NZ.  We have been working with the most reputable agents and brokerages for many years.  From locating your new vessel, negotiation with owners on your behalf, total organization of Survey to upgrading, any repairs and getting the best possible shipping rates from the USA to New Zealand. 

Choosing a vessel

We have access to just about every single vessel for sale across the USA, the biggest boat market in the world.  Check out the models available that suit you, your budget, most importantly what you like and want in a new sports fishing vessel, the length, power and possible optional extras fitted on the vessel.

Just e-mail us via our inquiry form with your possible requirements and we will send you details of what vessels we have available to suit the above.

We are only interested in sourcing the very best quality boats for your budget and will guide you and give you genuine advice throughout the whole process.

The system we have in place is very straight forward and totally secure for you as the purchaser.

Once you are seriously interested in a particular vessel we have available, 

 The next stage to proceed, is to make a written initial offer for the vessel and if you wish to ensure that no other buyer can beat you to it which can happen. This ensures that you have absolute 1st option to purchase.


 It is normal to pay a 10% deposit with the offer.  this is held in an independent clients escrow account pending inspection, survey, your full satisfaction,  and signed agreement by the owner to accept your offer and purchase conditions.  The deposit is 100% fully guaranteed refundable if you decide for whatever reason not to proceed with the purchase.    

How do I Proceed when I have found a boat I like ?

Once we have located  a possible vessel for you, the next step is to arrange an inspection by our local agent. Once we have seen the vessel, the next step is to make an offer for the vessel which we will present on your behalf.  There is no financial commitment to buy the vessel whatsoever until you are 100% satisfied totally. This is normally concluded after with sea trial and full marine survey where dependent upon the surveyors findings, a renegotiation with the purchaser on the price may be possible .

A full detailed report from our surveyor will be given to you and we will help you to assess his comments and findings.  You will have to pay in advance for the survey and lift out, but the fees are very reasonable considering how much time they put into a proper survey of the vessel.

Our local marine surveyors are the best at what they do and leave no stone unturned checking everything on the vessel, and for sure being so good at their jobs, they will find some items that need addressing on any used vessel, that is what we have them for, to be totally thorough.

A rough Guide of survey fees are:  40ft vessel approx US$750 plus lift out approx: $US400.   Any vessel you are considering purchasing, you must have it surveyed properly, or it could bite you hard at a later date!

Most items a surveyor will find will be of minor nature, but whatever is found, can  always be sorted out by our various service technicians, if that is the purchasers wish.  We ensure that any such repairs or upgrades are presented to you in writing, with prices and options available to help you in your decision to proceed with your purchase.

We tell it how it is as it is more important for you to be totally satisfied with  before committing to buy the vessel.


Is it Easy & safe to

buy a vessel from

the USA? 

Yes it is if you use the right people like ourselves.

 The USA has a huge inventory of vessels of all shapes and sizes available. As with any large marketplace, there are good boats and there are not so good boats.

We specialize in sourcing only the best vessels We only deal with the most reputable largest companies in the States and throughly check out every vessel via our resident US Coastguard captain accredited  partners based in Tampa and West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

All aspects of your purchase will be conducted in a transparent and proper manner, otherwise we are just not interested in acting on your behalf.


As with any purchase abroad out of NZ, exchange rates can alter at any time, however since the recession in the US in 2009/10 and the strength of the kiwi dollar, the rate has never been better for making a purchase for a boat as it makes the boats around 20-25% cheaper than they were 3 years ago.  You certainly get so much more for your dollar, not just on the boat price, but all of the huge array of extras that are fitted standard on most game fishing vessels in the states.  Sometimes if you consider the price of extras like tuna towers, fighting chairs, appliances, engine accessories, electronics fitted, extras they can be worth more than the boat price you will be paying, so yes it can be an unbeatable deal!  

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