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When you are browsing our listings of boats, just hover your mouse or cursor over any of the great photo's and some brief specifications of the boat will appear.  If you double click the picture, it will expand and show more specification clearly. OUR LISTED PRICES ARE THE SAME AS OFFERED FOR SALE TO BUYERS IN THE USA!



Marine Imports New Zealand have direct trade access to the worlds largest database of top quality powerboats, yachts and super yachts that are for sale at any given time.

Just let us know your exact requirements; 

1. Your available maximum budget landed price, tax paid into NZ ready to go

2. The makes and models you want to consider or already know.

3. The maximum length vessel you are interested in.

4. approximate age of any vessel you would like to look at.

From the above information you supply us we can save time and work out exactly what vessels are available for you on the USA market today and send details to you. 

General advice with boats from the USA


 There are thousands of boats you can see on the internet nowadays with great pictures and some unbelievable prices.

Marine Imports list prices are exactly the same as the listed price in the USA, no grossly inflated prices, we provide a fully professional service to you the buyer and our sole aim is to find you a top quality boat for your available budget that has no adverse history, storm damage or things hidden in the closet!

All of our specifications we show and our awesome pictures are all of the exact boat listed, not a look alike, sister ship or similar, which can happen over the internet.

Every boat we list is a quality boat, we are not interested in anything else and a through visual, previous history and thorough check by our partners in the States are don before we even consider offering a vessel to you our customers.   

Boat Purchase from the States!


Buying and importing a boat with Marine Imports is simple, as we do all the hard work for you from location of the boat right through to delivery to Auckland.

We guarantee to give you the very best assistance, honesty, 100% transparent service in every aspect of importing a boat into New Zealand.

We have the best team of marine experts in the business based in Florida, USA and Tauranga, New Zealand with over 40 years of experience in the USA market, boat shows, brokerage, servicing, electronics, boatbuilding services, fishing tackle and accessories all at your service.

So there is just no point going direct, we do everything better and more competitive  than anyone else and provide you with a world class boat location and importation service.